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    out of ideas? roll the dice and start remixing.

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You can use the following keyboard shortcuts while composing a track.


Press to start or stop playback.

commandcontrol key

Hold down the commandcontrol key while drawing notes to create "loud" notes.

optionalt key

Hold down the optionalt key while drawing notes to create "soft" notes.


Hold down the shift key to select a region of notes. You will then be able to copy and paste or clear that region.


Playback starting point

By default, playback always starts from the beginning of a track. This can be difficult if you want to focus your attention on a piece in the middle, or near the end.

You can change where playback begins by setting the playback start marker. You can do this by clicking white area just above the grid. A blue arrow icon will be placed where you click. Playback will now start from this point.

Clicking on the arrow icon again will remove it.

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Column volume

There is a speaker icon to the left of each row on the grid.

Click this icon once and you can control the volume of that row.

Double click this icon and you can mute or unmute the row.

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KG ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin
KG ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin

Hello. Jon, beatlab is a great website and has helped me a lot to be able to act upon and interest of mine. Beat making. Now it's great and all, but there needs to be a few changes: one we should have customization of profiles whether private or public (depending on if someone wants to promote themselves) which also includes a "send to soundcloud button", 2 there is an incredible amount of lag on beatlab sometimes and if there can be a lag fix that would be helpful, 3 there needs to be a better way of adding measures. Like instead of JUST the longer or shorter buttons, you can type in how many measures you want and add more or less measures at anytime without affecting the tab and causing it to crash or reload, also for some sounds there should be a note indication. Some sounds don't really have indication of notes (horns, piano, brass, bass, etc) and if there can be an automatic thing and instead of speed, there should be pitch or increase of a sound and the speed for just loops only, also maybe square colors, and most defiantly group chats. Like how in some games you have cliques, crews, clubs, etc, there would be a groups (private or public) groups, cliques, etc and you guys can do live colab on beats, tutorials, and private group chats for the beatlab music groups. I know all these changes would make this site the best site in the world for beat making: professionals would come here, artists, etc. It would make you more money Jon. So please do this and take this into consideration. and yes we do need bug fixes BTW

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