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You can use the following keyboard shortcuts while composing a track.


Press to start or stop playback.

commandcontrol key

Hold down the commandcontrol key while drawing notes to create "loud" notes.

optionalt key

Hold down the optionalt key while drawing notes to create "soft" notes.


Hold down the shift key to select a region of notes. You will then be able to copy and paste or clear that region.


Playback starting point

By default, playback always starts from the beginning of a track. This can be difficult if you want to focus your attention on a piece in the middle, or near the end.

You can change where playback begins by setting the playback start marker. You can do this by clicking white area just above the grid. A blue arrow icon will be placed where you click. Playback will now start from this point.

Clicking on the arrow icon again will remove it.

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Column volume

There is a speaker icon to the left of each row on the grid.

Click this icon once and you can control the volume of that row.

Double click this icon and you can mute or unmute the row.

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Ideas for Chat

Fawkes ?
Fawkes ?

I have noticed an abundance of rather unfortunate messages in chat. I feel like too many users only come to this site to spam, troll, and insult each other. It has gotten to the point that I don't even want to post my songs to chat, because too many rude comments are flying around. Also, it is almost impossible to get a word in edgewise. There are just too many people in the same Chat. Furthermore, there is an absolutely ridiculous amount of spam messaging. I have ideas to help fix these problems. I honestly care about the insults the least, but one way to fix the overwhelming number of rude comments is to add a loose chat filter. Doesn't have to do much, but it would be better than nothing. In regards to the high number of Users in chat, another one or two chat rooms could be added. This would make reading chat much easier. It would also give Songs posted to chat more time on-screen. Finally, to fix the spam issue, a "Mute User" option could be added. I feel like these ideas are taken seriously and added to the site, it could make Beatlab much more enjoyable.

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